‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S1E14: So, That’s Why it’s Called the Vanishing Point

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

Flying Spoilers a-comin!

Way back in the very beginning of all this nonsense, Savage (before he was called that) did actually manage to capture Rip Hunter. Despite a few conversations with our Captain languishing in his Egyptian prison cell, he did manage to escape and damn it, Savage wants to know how Khalib did it!

Meanwhile aboard the Waverider, the thieving twins and their assassin gal pal all think we should just kill Savage already, never mind what happens to future-Carter’s somewhat scrambled brains afterwards. But the readouts from the Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robot battle of the previous episode tells our Legends that Vandal Savage really has been using all sorts of time tech and know-how that should, finally, get the Timemaster Council to deal with him once and for all!

Thing is, getting to the Vanishing Point, where the Timemasters are, is problematic. The ship was damaged in the previous episode and of course Captain Hunter’s impatience and selfishness ends up costing Jax his health and safety. Jax is aging at an accelerated rate after being dosed to hell and gone with time radiation, and there really isn’t anything anyone can do. Jax is stuck in the med bay, subconsciously recalling when he left to go on this mission, he was roofied and never got to say goodbye to his mother, which obviously bothers him.

Inevitably, every last Legend just has to go and talk to Vandal Savage personally, engaging in all sorts of mental sword-fighting with what is supposed to be their ultimate enemy. The manner in which he greets Sarah in particular, asking if she had heard from her sister Laurel lately, only managed to severely piss us Arrow fans off and remind us, oh yeah, this guy’s a total villain.

Kendra, accompanied by a rather dour Ray, is attempting to jog future-Carter’s memory and having zero luck. Why Ray thought demanding the answer from Vandal Savage on how to fix Carter would work, I have no idea. For all that Ray is a scientist, inventor, and genius, he’s still an awk-nerd fanboy, rather clueless about relationships and their long-reaching issues. Savage attempts to explain to Ray that they’re the same, at least when it comes to Kendra, because Vandal loved her and was together with her a long long time ago; it was fated. And though Ray truly wants to help Kendra, finding her speaking that ancient love Egyptian love poem to Carter to thump his head, seems to really bother him, too.

Of course, now Snart and Rory want to get off this ride, taking the jump ship and its one single pre-programmed jump back to 2016. Sara, on the other hand, never runs from a fight, even one she didn’t start, and we’re treated to a lovely goodbye scene with Nyssa Al Ghul as Sara remembers her last cleanups before embarking on this mission. Silverfox Stein thinks he can talk Savage into helping our Legends and Jax in particular somehow, only to be reminded that he’s the Enemy, sure, but he’s also very clever. So, Grandpa Jax gets roofied ah-gain and sent off on the jump ship back to 2016 all on his lonesome. And a sad Stein remembers the few bittersweet moments with his beloved wife Clarissa before he left on this insane mission, too.

Really, Ray? Really? We’re going to engage in raging fisticuffs with an effectively immortal tyrant, and we wonder how the hell Savage manages to escape. I do love how, as Rory and Ray are heading off to recapture the villain, Rory drawls, “If we live through this, you bumbling idiot, I might just kill you.”

Stein and Sara have been tasked with getting the ship flying again, which, between the former Space Ranger-turned-engineer and the effective hand of the League of Assassins, now navigator, seems actually possible. Sara can make the tough calls in extreme situations, as Rip points out, and no one can argue with that. Love you forever, Sara Lance.

So Rory and Snart, Ray and Kendra are all fighting Savage and Carter all at the same time, while the Captain and his Engineer and Navigator steer the ship with all they’ve got! Rip has to run off to martyr himself, leaving Sara to actually pilot the Waverider, and hot damn if she doesn’t do an excellent job! Is there anything that can pop the lock on the brainwashing Savage has done to Carter? Turns out, seeing his beloved potentially fated Hawkgirl almost slain by the hand of Vandal Savage is enough to make Carter sprout wings like the most badass avian hybrid ever and swoop in for the kill! Or rather, the knockout.

So we’ve actually made it to the Vanishing Point, more or less intact. But there’s still time for one last epic betrayal, and the whole of time and space may pay the price! There is one more episode before the phenomenal season finale, so it’s entirely possible that there’s way more badass villainy to deal with than just Vandal Savage. And that’s how our beloved characters become truly Legends!

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S1E11: Welcome to a Town Called Salvation

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

Sharp-shootin’ spoilers a-comin’!

Ah, yes. Here we are hiding in the Old West, away from the Hunters the Time Masters sent after our Legends, and of course the town is called Salvation. Ray is immediately fan-boying the whole old west scene and Sarah wants to take a look around outside, so everyone gets ship-made, era-appropriate clothing and some pistols and away we go!

The entrance of our Legends in their various western-style getups with that slo-mo gangster walk and the heroic cowboy music into the town of Salvation is a hoot and a holler and looks fun and laughably ridiculous. Sarah and Rory immediately begin a drinking binge with alcohol that could take the paint off your walls, Stein surprisingly gets to gambling with Snart, and Kendra has an unexpected encounter in the saloon over (what else?) a disagreement on how to treat ladies, even saloon ladies. Next thing you know, Snart’s killed a bad guy and started a bar brawl. It’s the old west right? But things are almost immediately stopped by a smart figure in a very old uniform with a uniquely scarred face, the bounty hunter extraordinaire of the cowboy-inspired part of DC comics, Jonah Hex!

Of course, idiot Ray, with his penchant for modern history names like the highly original “John Wayne,” wants to save the town of Salvation from the tyranny of the Stillwater gang and insists the crew stay to do so. Never mind that Ray finds himself the new Sheriff and really has not a bit of experience with pistols,  he is good at planning and strategizing. So, when the Stillwater gang comes in for their first confrontation, they get an invitation to go packing from the carefully placed sharp-shooter Legends arranged about the town square!

Not a bit of this impresses Jonah Hex (Jonathon Schaech), however, who reminds our Legends that whenever they do decide to leave Salvation with the Stillwater gang matter unresolved, the same thing that happened to Calvert will happen here. What is Calvert, we ask? Gideon explains it was a town in Oklahoma a few years before their current time-location that was destroyed in the aftermath of a younger Rip Hunter and Jonah Hex feeling their oats and regrets. Yes, our Captain knew Jonah Hex from before; the show even implies that Hunter’s murdered son in the future, Jonas, is named in Hex’s honor.

Stein, meanwhile, is very taken with the kind woman with the dying son from the original bar brawl. He has the consumption, you see, and his mother wanted him to see the west and ride that stagecoach he always wanted to, before tuberculosis takes him down completely. Stein, with his large heart and science-y brain, absolutely refuses to sit by and let this happen, insisting on the Waverider synthesizing a cure as close to old western medicine as he can manage, and giving it to the boy.

Sarah and Kendra have gone off riding into the woods to go looking for the woman Kendra encountered at the saloon, who, of course, offers them a lead-lined greeting when they find her. Turns out, this older, hardened woman who lives bitterly alone is actually a former incarnation of Kendra herself, the aging Hawkgirl who endures in obscurity because in this time period, there isn’t any Carter to comfort her. She claims, in sorrow and regret, that Kendra will never love another person the way she loves Carter, that trying to love anyone else always ends in tears, that the two hawk folk are fated to be together forever and ever. Which, considering the original mission of our Legends bucking future fate and all, doesn’t go down well for Kendra.

So, the boys mistakenly went to go confront the Stillwater gang and end up with a bad guy in their med bay and down a teammate; Jax gets himself taken. Much arguing later, we’re going to have High Noon from Captain Hunter in town square and inevitably it’s not that simple – right about then is when the Hunters decide to show up, and main street of Salvation is suddenly filled with flying fire guys and laser beam future-pistol shots!

The showdown on main street is actually pretty cool. Hawkgirl is doing dive-bombs, Jax and Stein are fire-bombing their way up and down the street, Jonah Hex is firing the future pistol he borrowed from Captain Hunter, Ray’s in his A.T.O.M. suit doing damage, and the criminal twins and their assassin friend are shooting and stomping their way through the villains!

The Hunters just have to get in the last word before defeat, telling Rory that the Timemasters have sent the Pilgrim after our Legends, which can’t be good. Stein gets the most astonishing information when he goes to say goodbye to the young boy he saved from tuberculosis, who happens to not-so-coincidentally bear his father’s surname, Wells. Herbert George Wells, as a matter of fact. Absolutely adorkable. Sarah and Kendra are back from their walkabout, and it’s time to have a talk with Ray, sadly. And now it’s time for one final talk with everyone around the planning table, because the Timemasters have sent the Pilgrim, their deadliest assassin, into everyones previous timelines, to stop all our Legends from becoming thus long before they could do anything about it!

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S1E3: Changing Your own Fate is Hard

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

Thar be spoilers ahead!

When we last left our legendary heroes, the team had suffered a defeat and a major loss, and they were stuck in 1975. Everyone is trying to convince Captain Hunter of their various ideas, to which our beloved Rip replies they know nothing about time travel consequences, citing that he’s seen darker days, where “men of steel die and dark knights fall.” The entire show, and the audience, pauses for a breath and our hearts swell with the knowledge that Captain Hunter just referred to the Justice League! Epic squee! Ahem, moving on.

After a teensy bit of convincing, the team scatters into smaller groups on separate missions: Rip and Sarah are going after Vandal Savage’s money, Ray and Dr. Stein are trying to save Kendra from dagger fragments left in her bloodstream, and the criminal twins have convinced Jax to steal the jump ship and go off to do a jewelry heist! What could possibly go wrong? Well…

Starting off with the wraparound story of still going after Vandal Savage (isn’t that the idea here?), Sarah and Rip head for the big bad bank where purportedly Savage hides his money. Sarah, as we’re reminded, is an inductee of the Lazarus Pit, meaning she died and was brought back to life with some serious consequences: the monstrous need to kill. So, finding themselves fighting Savage mercenaries and trained killers inside the bank is no problem for Sarah, other than, ya know, the whole bloodlust killing people thing. Captain Hunter has more of a problem with such a thing, which is rather ironic, as Sarah points out.

Meanwhile, Jax is reading the instruction manual on how to fix the Waverider, happily nosing around the smaller jump ship and learning how to fly it, when Snart and Rory show up. Snart wants to go out to Central City and steal a giant emerald, and it doesn’t take much convincing at all for them to go off all kinds of half-cocked!

The thing that’s so extra great about Snart and Rory in this episode is that they both demonstrate that there is quite a bit going on below the surface. Snart may be the brains of their partnership, but Rory is far from actually stupid, or thick, as Rip calls him. There’s an extra-epic scene where the criminal pals come in to save the day and Rory takes in Sarah’s ballroom dress, proclaiming he didn’t have her pegged for the “Eyes Wide Shut type.” And that reference, to Stanley Kubrick’s last and highly controversial film, is actually more highbrow than anyone would have guessed, for Rory. Dominic Purcell’s muscles-upon-muscles physique and Rockbiter-eating-rocks voice notwithstanding, I like the idea that Heatwave can actually hold his own for at least a scene or two. And, oh my, Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold and Leonard Snart is my current favorite of the epic eight, or rather, seven, now that we’re down a winged companion and all. His bemused drawl, eternal sarcastic expressions and even those glimpses of good-guy-ness are marvelous, and amongst all of them, Snart still gets the best one-liners. So far.

Which actually leads us into the whole reason for the jewelry heist thing: Snart didn’t have the greatest childhood, as I’m sure we’ve all kind of guessed. When Snart was five, his father went to prison for attempting a jewelry heist of a giant emerald, and came back an abuser that ruined the lives of his wife and small children. Can you guess where Snart is going with this? Change your fate. The trouble with that idea is, that whole nature-abhors-a-vacuum thing, and the universe tends to have its own circular plans for your fate. Just ask Captain Hunter, he knew damned well that wasn’t going to work.

After mostly failing the first attempt to save Kendra, Ray had his little crisis of confidence and, buoyed along by Dr. Stein, managed to power through it and save her. The ATOM suit flying through Kendra’s bloodstream blasting knife particles like the ancient video game Asteroid is adorkable, and a happy nod to the potential science nerd in all of us, young or old. Every one of us has moments where we wonder if we really can do the thing, and it’s nice for Ray to have Dr. Stein to say, “Of course you can! Go on, already!”

Meanwhile, the Brumberg bank folk and Vandal Savage’s people are having a big ol’ party! What for, you ask? This thing they’re obscurely referring to as the Vessel, which turns out to be poor Carter’s body, is going to be shared bloodily with the cult followers of Savage, to grant them temporary immortality. What’s a hundred years or so between friends? Our Legends can’t have that! Much ass-kickery in fancy ’70s clothes later, most of the rest of the team show up to battle Savage and his minions yet again. The whole thing more or less ends in a draw: about par for the course. Then it’s time for a very sad double funeral, and everyone has to remind Captain Hunter that they work so much better as a team, which was why he got them together in the first place. And now it’s time to head to the next time Vandal Savage is known to pop up, the 1980s, so grab your parachute pants!

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S1E1: Make Your own Fate

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

Every bit as epic as the previews and lead-ins promised it would be, Legends of Tomorrow is rife with one thing – thoughts of the future. Regardless of whether you happen to be Vandal Savage, psychotic immortal bent on world domination in every incarnation, or Rip Hunter, Timelord of 2166, so concerned about Savage’s world wars and slaughter he goes rogue against the Time Council insistence of non-involvement, all potential futures are in question here. Rip decides to hie himself to 2016 in the stolen Waverider time travelling ship and pick up an elite team he’s chosen for their various skill sets, to go gallivanting through time to kill Savage. Funny thing is, each and every of the chosen eight is kind of stagnating right now in whatever they’re doing and so it’s pretty easy for Rip to pick them off. *deep breath*

The criminal twins, Captain Cold and Heatwave, are pulling off kiddie bank robberies, Ray Palmer as the ATOM is spinning his wheels on mini-jobs for Green Arrow, Sarah, who becomes White Canary, is off drinking in freaking Tibet, Kendra and Carter are still arguing like a thousand-year-old married couple while they practice flying, and the two unlikely fellows that make up Firestorm are still fighting while they attempt to patrol and stop fights.

Fast forward some through fast talking from Rip Hunter and some soul searching from the newly made team, and one roofie job later, we’re off in the time travel ship to 1975 and the one man who knows more about Vandal Savage than anyone, Professor Boardman. The good Professor is full of all sorts of heart-wrenching and spoiler-ific information, but he serves as a distraction when a bounty hunter starts taking pot shots at the cloaked ship. Sarah and the temperature boys are off happily barroom brawling, but everyone chips in and manages to hightail it away from Chronos the bad guy at the last possible second with relatively few casualties.

Now it’s time for a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned, brutal honesty from Captain Hunter, and that leaves our epic eight to ponder what their next move will be – fade into the shadows of relatively safe obscurity, or grab dangerous adventure with both hands and make your own damned fate! It’s no real surprise that everyone decides to stay, for their varied and amusing reasons, and the relief and dawning glory on Rory’s — I mean, Rip’s —  face, is a joy to see as they take off for yet another timeline after Vandal Savage!

I know, there are a lot of apparent parallels between Legends of Tomorrow and Doctor Who. There’s Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, he’s a defrocked Timelord, stole an awesome ship and ran away to chase bad guys with companions through time – I get it. But seriously folks, you’re looking at it the wrong way. DC TV is handing us a show from the amazing parentage of Arrow and Flash, done in the style of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Who among us didn’t love Bill and Ted? We grew and our tastes got harder to satisfy with our need for more epic heroes and villains, but DC’s Legends of Tomorrow reminds us to look to our own future and the thought that it’s never too late to change our fate, with our own two hands. Sarah Connor thought that too, and I bet she’d love the hell out of this show.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is on Thursdays on the CW @ 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m., Central!


‘Arrow’-‘Flash’ Crossover 2015: The Light of Tomorrow

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

The final episode aired last night of the awesome two-part crossover between arguably the best DC-TV has to offer right now, Arrow and Flash, as they take on time travel, heartache, and Vandal Savage yet again!

Fully half the episode is devoted to the whole earth-shattering knowledge of Oliver’s son William. Now we knew, way back when the show set up that scene with Ollie’s mom paying Samantha to abscond with her pregnancy, that it would come back later to bite him pretty harshly. I just think it’s such a shame that that will be what likely breaks up Olicity. For a glorious while, the nerdy girl got to have the hottest guy there was to have, and we all enjoyed it vicariously. To see our beloved Olicity go the way of Ollie and Laurel, or hell, even Ollie and Sarah, will be heart-wrenching, not only for our cherished characters, but for those of us watching who loved seeing them together. The writing for Arrow is consistently good in this unpleasant regard: We love these characters, these dark heroes, and we suffer right along with them when they hurt.

Okay so they’re officially not spoilers anymore: We can go on about Kendra being Hawkgirl, the reincarnation of *deep breath* an ancient Egyptian warrior priestess, with her soulmate Prince Khufu, and them-all being hunted by Vandal Savage even from way back then, to increase his power and immortality. Everyone got that? As the dumbfounded members of the gathered-again various squads mutter to each other, we’re back in Indiana Jones territory. Which would be fine, except that tone belongs much more in the Flash-verse. Barry has a bad feeling about the plans to take out Savage once and for all, and they only intensify when he “ghosts” while speeding to a different location. This means, as Barry and Cisco freak out quietly over the knowledge, that at some point soon, Barry will time-travel again. But the only way through is forward, so some members of Team Arrow and some of Flash squad, with a plan in place, go off to confront Savage and the Staff of Horus!

It only takes one small cog in a machine to misfire, to cause the whole empire to fall. In this case, it’s a piece of paper that led to the flaming blanketed death of everyone Barry ever loved. And, as he streams away in red lightning, our speedster is faced with yet more time-traveling, nosebleed-inducing issues. Barry’s messed with timestreams before and it gets him nowhere good, as he tries to explain to Oliver some 24 hours previous, when he returns. We need to rethink everything, but mostly the plan to stop Savage. This time will be different, it has to be, as both teams unite to go to do confrontation battle in the catch-all empty warehouse.

And this time, they actually manage to succeed! We think. We sure hope so. There is no piece of paper, Ollie’s head is mostly in the right place, and as far as we can tell, Vandal Savage is a pile of dust. Kendra found the Hawkgirl within and, after getting a Flash-like communicator specially made from him, says a tearful goodbye to Cisco. Ollie, mindful of Barry’s warnings and wanting to know his son and honor the boy’s mother’s wishes at the same time, visits William but keeps it a secret from Felicity. Say hello to the beginning of the end of that happiness, we pine for you, Olicity. But wait, it’s not over yet!

You mean to tell me, seriously, that all you heroic people and scientists of many stripes left the ashes of an incredibly powerful immortal behind, just sitting there in a pile on the floor? Come on! Malcolm Merlyn never turns down anything he can use, especially a favor from the man he calls “buddy,” as he carefully scoops up the ashes into a container. This quite easily ties into the beginnings of the further adventures of the new show beginning in January, Legends of Tomorrow, where Rip Hunter gathers together a team of heroes and villains to stop, you guessed it, Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself!  But that is, as they say, a problem for Tomorrow.


Flash-Arrow Crossover 2015: On the Wings of Change

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

The first episode of the epic two-part cross-over between our beloved DC front-runners, Flash and Arrow, pits the heroes of Central City against the immortal Vandal Savage!

Oh, this is exactly what we all needed right now. The year is coming to a close, the holiday stresses are setting in, and we’re coming together in our mutual fan-sadness, rather than celebration. There have been plenty of changes in the Arrow-verse and the Flash’s now-numerous Earths, many of which were awesomely epic for us to witness, despite making these characters we love suffer. Coming out the other side of their suffering, many unexpected gifts emerge, and that is the focus of this second epic crossover event with Team Arrow and Flash Squad!

So, things are more or less normal in Central City: Wells2.0 is working with Kaitlin to make a speedup potion for Barry and Jay Earth-2. Flash disapproves, Barry is dating the far-too-clever cop who works with his dad on the anti-metahuman task force, and the brand new Vibing Cisco is on a date with the winged girl of his visions, Kendra. Then it all goes to hell and in stalks Vandal Savage.

Savage is a legendary villain of the DC world, for those of you not aware. Purportedly immortal, even the League of Assassins has heard of him, as Malcolm Merlyn explains when he emerges from the shadows with a League contingent during Flash-Arrow discussion. Barry, determined to help save Kendra, troops Flash Squad off to Star City for a Team Arrow consultation. Getting the two groups together gives both a chance to admire the newly acquired abilities, snark friendly-like off each other, and pool their combined knowledge. Here the fanboy/girl in all of us shines as Cisco gushes his admiration for all of them, and the heroic nerds and geeks in all of us are celebrated with light and love. In this DC-verse, Flash has always been the lighter, more comic book-y show anyway.

Meanwhile, back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Kaitlin and Wells.2.0 have perfected the speed enhancing drug and are trying to convince Jay to test it, only to be discovered by a rather disturbed Officer Patty, who somehow inevitably ends up shooting Wells.2.0. The irony is now palpable that Jay will have to save Wells.2.0’s life, however he can.


Savage is directly hunting Kendra, or rather, Shiera. And, it turns out, Carter Hall, also known as Prince Khufu, is hunting Kendra, too, but for completely different reasons. Because, Kendra is Shiera, the reincarnation of a — you know what? Go here and read about the DC Golden Age Hawkgirl.

Meanwhile, back in the show, Kendra has had all this explained to her and she is mightily confused, while Carter tries to convince her to shock herself into Awakening and her own wings. We learn that Savage is after the Staff of Horus, to help take out Shiera and Khufu, and eventually that it’s in Central City, of course, so the combined groups are going there for a showdown!

It all comes to a head inside a church, where Ollie quips he hasn’t been inside one of these places in a while, with Savage wielding the staff like a magical lightning rod against our speedster and emerald archer. Of course, in the final fiery “Up yours!” from Savage that burns the church, Barry and Ollie watch from relative safety outside and Barry wonders if this can be considered a draw battle.

Next, it’s back to Star City on the Palmer private jet to further shore up the resistance, weapons, and perhaps snag some extra help on the way, with the second epic crossover episode on Arrow!

Change is never easy, and often hard to accept. But if our beloved fanboy Cisco can manage it to become Vibe, so could Kendra become Hawkgirl. Amazing things happen when we embrace destiny, large or small, my world or yours, and in the case of our beloved crossing-over characters, both worlds combined to engender an entirely new world of absolute Legends of Tomorrow.

Catch tonight’s conclusion of the ‘Flarrow’ cross-over event on the CW network, 8:00 p.m./ 7:00 p.m. Central.