SDCC 2016 ‘Colony’: Resisting the Walls

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

We all know why we’re here, right? Some time ago, freaking aliens actually descended upon Earth and everything went to hell. Some resisted, some collaborated, and now, the thin veneer of civility under the yoke of the Raps (that’s short for ‘Raptors’, in case you didn’t know) and their human police force is being torn by the Bowman family and their various allies, enemies, and surprise visitors!

The SDCC panel for the USA Network hit Colony featured Josh Holloway (Will Bowman), Sarah Wayne Callies (Katie Bowman), Peter Jacobson (Proxy Snyder), Amanda Righetti (Maddie Kenner), Tory Kittles (Broussard), Adrian Pasdar (Nolan Burgess), and Executive Producers Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse!

Cuse proudly talked about how they wanted to model the show after the French Nazi occupation, an “Orwellian surveillance state,” that the Raps and their humans have turned the Earth into. “We wanted to make an alien invasions show that wasn’t really about alien invasion, so we had to prove it on the page first.”

Cuse also graciously accepted compliments from the audience about the production and design of the walls on the show, announcing that, “A visual effects company in Denmark of all places called Ghost did the walls and all the visual effects and we couldn’t be more pleased with them.” Continuing with the walls theme, Cuse announced that in season two of Colony, we’d find out why the walls were put up in the first place, and why everywhere seems to be divided into bloc sections and separate colonies. For season two, the show moved filming to the Universal Studios lots, for in this new season there will be stories in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and even a story outside the walls entirely!

Tory Kittles, who plays ex-military Resistance freedom fighter, Broussard, talked about how his character came home from the previous wars with ideas for what his life would be like, and the war of the Raps and the Occupation changed all that, “So he’s going down a much darker path now.” Despite Broussard’s reluctance, especially with the death of Resistance leader Quayle in the first season, he was forced to discover that, “Part of the journey along the way, was realizing he had a significant leader part to play.”

Sarah Wayne Callies is no stranger to playing a strong female character in the most dire of situations, and she laughed when a fan commented on the kickass women she’s already played. “I was looking to play a new character that would incite controversy, I just didn’t think it would be quite this much!” Callies went on to talk about Kate’s dangerous position in Colony season two: “She’s more vulnerable and more alone than she’s ever been.”

The fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a spoof trailer for the second season of Colony, in which their son Charlie supposedly returned from Santa Monica bloc a very changed person. Starring Silicon Valley lead Kumail Nanjiani, the trailer effectively speaks very bluntly, at least in the little sisters words, for itself.

Colony returns to break down the walls of oppression on USA in 2017!

‘Colony’ Premiere: Are you Resistance or Collaborator?

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

If history has taught us anything, it’s that for every occupation, there is some kind of resistance. And, like most movies would have you believe, those humans who have relented and collaborated, either as a Red Hat or as some other kind of privileged pet, are looked down upon by those commoners beneath them. No-one can be expected to love the boot on their neck, especially when it’s occupied by a human foot, nor thank the useless wanna-be Governor types who are offering luxuries like bourbon, and maybe your childrens education, too, in exchange for favors.

So, we know there was an Arrival (the way all the commoners say it, you just know it’s capitalized) of what we are assuming are some manner of alien overlord species. A good portion of California has been walled off completely, flying killer drones enforce the peace and curfew, and the human occupation police force colloquially known as Red Hats (for their smart red berets as part of their black occupation uniforms) have every right to mow into a local café and drag off a patron, without any warning or explanation or repercussion.

When it happens in front of Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies), the shell-shocked people left in the café stare listlessly for a moment at the empty seat the dragged off just occupied, and then hurriedly look away, completely cowed. Everyone talks in hushed whispers of what “They” do when they catch someone being naughty, oh yes, the entire family is made to suffer and likely die. We also get the idea that the killer drones have scorched-earth-ed entire areas where there was all of one law-breaker, just to prove a point. It can happen to you, too.

Husband Will (Josh Holloway), with a lot of potentially very dangerous help, is intent on smuggling himself out of the compound entirely, to go look for his youngest son. They got separated during the Arrival (there’s that event again), and now Will is determined to go out and find his recently-turned-twelve son himself. Never mind that his entire family – secretive wife, teenaged trader son, and cute little daughter – will suffer and likely be killed if he’s caught. And none of that matters now, because right as the underground is smuggling Will out, the resistance (what did I say?) decides to launch an attack on the truck station. Will manages to survive the ensuing chaos, only to completely disappear at the hands of some Red Hats.

We’re learning, in pieces from other various character interactions centered around the members of the Bowman family, that life as a non-collaborative worker or commoner is a never-ending nightmare of the totalitarian state, a life of existing in fear and little else. If you’re caught being bad or suspected in any way, there’s death by the controls of the flying drones, or the Red Hats, or even potentially worse, people talk in whispers about being sent to the Factory. But almost everyone has a past and the adults can remember what it was like before the Arrival, which means mom has special, secretive friends she reaches out to when Will goes missing, and Will, well, he himself is a former FBI agent and Army Ranger and all kinds of stuff, in hiding from the Red Hats amongst others, too. So, it sort of makes sense that, it turns out, Will’s been ‘napped to talk to the Proxies (humans who think they’re running things in the better parts of walled-off-town), they want to offer him a job infiltrating the resistance. Basically, they want him to collaborate.

The USA channel has long been known for searing dramas: Burn Notice and, more recently, Mr. Robot, for example. This show is created by Carlton Cuse, the man who gave us the likes of Lost, Bates Motel, and The Strain, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties nudging the USA channel in a very weird sci-fi-drama direction for Colony. Of course, we fans all recognize Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, here she is again on another sci-fi show being all survivalist and stuff. And we already know Josh Holloway makes for a perfectly serviceable action star. I enjoyed his short-lived show Intelligence and look forward to seeing him make another go at being the Hero!

USA previewed the first episode of Colony on their website, you can view it here. Colony officially begins on the USA channel, January 14, 2016, at 10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m., Central!