SDCC 2016 ‘The Last Ship’: No Jello Shooters for You!

by Agent Alicia Glass (a.k.a. Pandora the Punctuation Horror)

So, when we last left our intrepid survivors, the Nathan James had finally got the cure to the Red Flu and was beginning to distribute it to the world. At the celebratory peace gathering, the effective savior of humanity, Dr. Scott, was murdered in cold blood, and reluctant President Michener was finally pulling the bootstraps of the sundered country back together. This new season, currently premiering on TNT, promises intrigue and more mayhem, delicate negotiations with other countries of the world, and betrayal at nearly every turn!

The Last Ship panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 featured Eric Dane (Captain Chandler), Adam Baldwin (Captain Slattery), newcomer Bridget Regan (Sasha Cooper) and executive producer Steven Kane.

Baldwin is a Comic-Con favorite, due in large part to his past Firefly experience, and he often drops the best one-liners of the panel. He is also well-known for his great respect for the military and deep honor he tries to impart, playing his character in such a show. The first half of season three of The Last Ship has been especially hard for Baldwin’s character, Slattery, feeling responsible for getting his sailors kidnapped and tortured as he does. Baldwin also sympathized with his castmates having to shoot the blood-torture scenes on an island in all kinds of weather. “These were very hard conditions,” he explained, “so there was a lot of gallows humor. But we have the best crew in the world, and they did a ton to keep our spirits up.” Baldwin also laughed about his character’s entrance to the club scene that got them all kidnapped in the first place, “I was like the grumpy dad – ‘I’m not gonna enjoy these jello shooters at all.’”

Newcomer to the show, Bridget Regan, who plays Navy translator Sasha Cooper, waxed poetic on the effort the entire show, from the actors to the showrunners, goes through to be as accurate to real-life military procedures as possible. “We have real Seals on the set, and you don’t want to let those guys down.” Regan took many compliments on her strong female character in stride, stating proudly that, “A woman’s gender has nothing to do with her job here,” and listing the many high-ranking positions and dangerous jobs various female co-stars have on the show.

Everyone’s favorite, hard-nosed, incredibly foxy, silver-haired Eric Dane grinned and agreed with Regan, going on to brag that the current Secretary of the Navy himself has told the show folk, “You’re getting it right.” Dane also mentioned that his favorite episode of season three thus far was the Minefield episode, which was directed by Robocop himself, Peter Weller, and how Dane is a huge fan of the movie-star-turned-director.

Executive Producer Steven Kane talked about premiering new episodes of The Last Ship to Navy personnel every year as a private treat, and how, this year, there was a huge surprise at the end. The call for attention to award was sent out and Kane himself was given the highest commendation a civilian can receive, the Distinguished Public Service honor, complete with a medal and everything, for his work on the highly popular show The Last Ship.

The panel ended on a high note, with a trailer for the back half of season three, which promised the return of favored character Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson), to heartfelt cheers from the audience!

The Last Ship can be found in the waters of TNT on Sundays @9:00 p.m./10:00 p.m. Central!

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